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Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday's Scintillating Interview

Welcome to Craving Erotic Romance Blogspot.

Today we’re presenting Author: Suzy Shearer
1) Have you always wanted to be an author? No, it has only been in the last few years that I have started writing, I am actually an Artist.
2) What genre(s) do you write?  Erotic BDSM Romance and Erotic Paranormal Romance.
3)  Have you ever self published? No.
4) Who or what inspired you to write your first book?   A nightmare I had  I wrote it down six years ago and then last year realised it would make the basis for a novel.
5) How many hours in a day might you write? Luckily, I live alone and don't have a partner so I can write whenever as long as I don't have a painting commission.  If it is working well, I can write all day; other times it might be only an hour or not at all.
6) Are you a plotter or a planster? It just happens.  I scour the internet for interesting looking men who spark my interest, print out a photo of them and hang it in front of my computer. Then the writing starts. Those pictures in front of me tend to dictate where they want to go.
I tend to have older heroes and heroines, because I want to show that people over 40 are just as sexy, or maybe more so, than those under. I do keep a spreadsheet of all my characters, their ages, physical descriptions, kinks and relationships to others as most tend to meet up at some point in time and they get their own stories.
7) Do you ever find yourself slipping away and becoming so immersed in your  story it affects how you relate to others? Lol ... always!
8) Are you in any of your books? Yes, most definitely.  It is easier to write elements of yourself in your heroines.
9) What do your friends and family have to say about you writing? My sons are very proud but very embarrassed that their “elderly” mother writes very graphic erotic novels, while my daughter-in-law thinks it is the best thing ever!  My friends all want copies!
10) Please share an excerpt from one of your books.

From: The Club: Bound - Book one in the series.
 The Club: Bound (MF)
Lisa was mortified. It was bad enough that she was half-naked under the kimono, but now she was without a way home, had been grabbed, and then caused a scene. She would have to call a taxi. She felt so embarrassed by what had just occurred. She stood shakily.
“Please, sit down. I am so sorry this has happened to you. I will arrange transport for you if you wish to leave but I would really love you to stay for a while and relax.”
He signalled the barman, who came around the bar and put another drink in front of her. “Don’t worry, alcohol free.” He winked at her. “I knew the boss would fix things.”
“Thank you, thank you both. I really do not understand it. He knew when we first met that I was not interested in him except as a friend. I am so sorry to cause such trouble, I will leave.”
“No, please don’t go, and it certainly wasn’t you who caused any trouble. I would hate this experience to sour you against The Club. As for that fool, I imagine his ego didn’t like it, a very attractive woman turning him down.”
Lisa laughed. “Attractive? It is okay, you do not have to flatter me. Look, I will stay for a short while, if only to stop shaking.” They both sat.
“No flattery. You are a very beautiful and desirable woman. I doubt many men would turn down a chance to meet you.”
Just then, Fleur came over to them. “Master,” she said, bowing her head and kneeling in front of the owner.
Lisa drew a gasp and looked from one to the other. He put a hand under Fleur’s chin and told her she could relax for the moment, then leant forward, helped her stand and kissed her, then pulled her onto his lap.
“I see you’ve met Lisa. I was hoping to introduce her to you, Richard. We met in the change area. I had to put a new lace in my boot.” She held out on leg for him to see and he ran his hand along it and up across her thigh to rub her mound.
Richard waved for a drink for her as he told what had happened and Fleur looked shocked.
“How could he? She wears green! That is terrible, Lisa, trying to get you drunk. As if that was not enough, he then grabs you! Oh, Lisa, I am so sorry, especially after me telling you how safe this club is.”
“It isn’t your fault, Fleur.” Lisa had finally stopped shaking and she took a sip of her drink. “I guess I just didn’t see what he really was like.”
Fleur smiled warmly and looked up into the man’s face. “This is my husband, Richard, and this is his club. You probably made his evening, he loves to rescue fair maidens,” she joked.
Richard held out his hand and Lisa shook it saying hello and thank you. “So, Lisa, how about we start all over again and pretend you have only just arrived.”
Lisa smiled at them both, maybe it would be best to put this behind her. She would stay for a little while then grab a cab home. “That sounds like a good idea. I would love to forget what happened.”
“Would you be interested in a little tour? And importantly, are you interested in meeting up with someone?”
“A tour, yes, but not sure about meeting up with anyone. I am not interested in casual sex or anything like that. Plus, well, I imagine most of the men here are already attached and those that aren’t probably are not looking for a large over-fifty-five woman, so that puts me at a disadvantage.”
Fleur burst out laughing. “Honey, it wouldn’t matter if you were seventy or eighty. You are gorgeous with such natural sex appeal. I bet there would be at least a dozen men lining up once they see you and see you wearing green. Oh, and also just as many women.” She turned to her husband. “Isn’t she gorgeous, Richard?”
“I have already told her what a beautiful woman she is but she just doesn’t believe me. How about a little wager, Miss Lisa?”
“Mmm…yes. We tour The Club and, if at the end of the tour you haven’t been approached by at least six unattached men and women then I will give you six months’ membership free.”
Lisa was stunned, she knew membership for these clubs could run into thousands but she just laughed and said, “Er…I’m not into women.”
Richard held out his hand and said, “Okay, six men. Deal?” Fleur was giggling. She nodded her head for Lisa to agree.
“I think you are both crazy. What happens if you’re wrong?”
Richard laughed. “No chance!” With that, she put her hand into Richard’s and they shook.
Thanks for coming along today, Suzy, and we wish you much luck with your series!
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