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Monday, March 5, 2018

Monday's Scintillating Interview!

Today we’re presenting Author: Lynn Burke!

1) Have you always wanted to be an author? Ever since the 8th grade when I wrote my first novel, Gundi’s Great Adventure.
2) What genre(s) do you write? I write historical sweet romance and fantasy under my real name. Lynn writes mostly contemporary erotic with a bit of suspense thrown in to keep the heart rate up when the characters aren’t fooling around. *wink*
3)  Have you ever self published? Nope! I have plans to this year, though.
4) Who or what inspired you to write your first book? I read the Laura Ingles series and The Chronicles of Narnia series dozens of times when I was a kid. Doing so really installed a love of reading and writing in my heart.
5) How many hours in a day might you write? I shoot for an hour each day, but with three little kids…
6) Are you a plotter or a pantser? I’m usually a plotter to a fault, but lately, I’ve been kinda letting the characters lead me. This latest, Divulging Secrets, was the first time I didn’t do character studies, have inspiration pictures, or draw up a timeline. Somehow, this title ended up as an Editor’s Pick. I think being a panster might have its pluses!
7) Do you ever find yourself slipping away and becoming so immersed in your story it affects how you relate to others? YES!!! If my MC is pissy, look out! LOL!
8) Are you in any of your books? Nope. Not yet, anyway.
9) What do your friends and family have to say about you writing? Seeing as how I grew up in a very religious family – both my parents’ families as well – you can imagine what some of them think of my alter ego. LOL! That’s why I try to keep me and Lynn separate on all social platforms.
10) Please share an excerpt from your book that totally spoke to you when you put the words down on paper. From: Divulging Secrets

She set her wine down on the chair beside mine, and I didn’t breathe as she moved through the water, settling herself on my lap, her pussy mere inches from my throbbing cock. Mind blank, my hands moved on their own beneath the water, settling on her tiny waist and pulling her close. Our mouths collided.
So much for restraint.
She ground herself against my cock and tangled her fingers in my hair, moaning. “I want you so bad it hurts, Tom.” Breasts pressed against my chest, she attacked my lips again.
I couldn’t form the words to tell her I felt the same, my mind was so damn focused on the feel of her curves against me. The taste of her mouth. My hands slid down her ass, squeezing and holding her still as my hips moved, thrusting my cock against her softness.
Candace reached between us and grasped me through my swim trunks. I grunted as she squeezed. “I want you inside of me,” she murmured against my lips and slid her hand beneath my waist band.
Fuck.” My head fell back as her hand closed around me, skin on skin. Talk about seeing fucking stars. I thrust into her grasp, gone.
She wiggled and tugged, yanking my shorts down enough to free my hard length.
“I-I can’t do this,” I heard myself whisper.
“Yes, you can,” she whispered against my ear, moving her hips forward. She’d untied her fucking bathing suit bottoms.
I groaned a few curses as she rubbed her bare pussy against me, her blue eyes overcome by the black of her pupils.
She lifted and lined up my cock, sinking down an inch before I could breathe. 



11) Which actor/character(s) would play the starring role? Gah! See…this is where being a panster doesn’t work. I don’t have any images, nor do I have any actor(s) in mind!!
Find Lynn!

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