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Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Interview with King Andrejs

Today, we are interviewing Andrejs, King of Hellenia, who we meet in Victoria Black's Heavenly Revenge.

A warm welcome, Your Majesty. Please tell us about yourself, and how you came to Ms Black's notice.

Good evening. I am the ruler of my country, Hellenia, which is a country situated on the planet, Artemis. I first came to Victoria Black's notice when she realized that Rose, the very pretty heroine of her story, would have to battle against me.

Q. You had to battle against the heroine?

Oh, not in the cruel, physical sense of warfare. I would never hurt a woman, even a treacherous spy, such as Rose. She is so tiny, so delicate, so pretty. There are other, far more enjoyable, ways to battle against a woman.

Q. A little personal perhaps, but how did you seduce Rose? Was there a conflict with her being the enemy?

Very personal. But I promised Ms Black I would be honest. There was no seduction. With Rose being the enemy and learning such an important state secret, I was entitled to my revenge. Do I sound cruel? I was never cruel to little Rose, never hurt her. She enjoyed her punishment very much.

Q. Did Rose ever seduce you?

Again, no seduction necessary. Rose would laugh as much as I am laughing. A glimpse of her tiny, feminine body, her curly red hair bobbing around her delicate, elfin face, and I was always a lost man.

Q. What part of Rose's body is the most sensitive?

My lovely Rose has delightfully responsive nipples. Just a brush of my knuckles, and they harden to enticing, erect sirens luring me to suckle them.

Q. What was one of the most embarrassing things your author did to you in Heavenly Revenge?

Mrs Black insisted on showing the softer side of my nature. I am the leader of my army! The ruler of my kingdom. It was embarrassing when she showed how one tiny woman could wind me around her little finger.

Thank you for your time, Your Majesty.

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