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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Victoria Black's Open Mike Saturday

A while back, I joined a group of writers and we called ourselves "Auden's Bitches". We met in a seriously trendy cafe in the seriously trendy West End of Brisbane (well, trendy for Brisbane – perhaps a New Yorker might not get too excited). The group fizzled out, due to our different writing interests. I was the only one who wrote romance, for example. But below is one of the things I wrote during that time. I've always liked it, as it's romantic and a short entity in itself. Can't think of decent name or where I could send it. I think it's too short for magazines. I'd welcome suggestions.

"Can I buy you a drink?"

Surrounding admirers parted and drifted away. His strong, broad shoulders loomed above me. Dark curls brushed my cheek as he bent his handsome face to mine. He smiled. And I fell in love with his blue, blue eyes.

"Hold onto me, sweetheart. Don't let me go."

Exhilaration as we slid down the waterfall into the cold, cold stream below. He led the way. He kissed me below the water. A soft, gentle kiss. His strong arms held me close to his hard young body. That boyish grin, those dark brown curls clinging to his handsome face, and those blue, blue eyes that crinkled at the corners.

"You look beautiful."

Well, he looked damn good too, though I was too shy to say. My white gown brushed against the grass. His hand guided me firmly through the throng. Delighted laughter erupted as he cupped my face and kissed me till I couldn't breathe, and his smiling, blue eyes were for me alone.

"Breathe, sweetheart."

Pain stilled my breath, but he held my hand. Grey flecked those brown, cropped curls. Fear, rigorously repressed, escaped from those blue, blue eyes. No crinkles now. A cry. That first, sweet cry. Lots of crinkles now, deeply etched around those blue, blue eyes.

"You look beautiful."

Another white gown, another young bride. Pride misted those blue eyes. Brown flecked amongst the grey curls. His tummy touched mine as we hugged.

"Time to do whatever you want – you lucky bastard!"

Sleeping in late on a Monday. So much grey, so few curls. The remains of a picnic lunch scattered around us as we lay together on the grass on a Tuesday. He cupped my face, his blue eyes smiled into mine and he kissed me.

"I'm sorry, so sorry. If there's anything we can do…"

Their kindness forced me not to scream. The door closed and I sank to the floor. Beside me lay the scattered memories I'd found. The tears fell at last. I closed my eyes and ached for strong, strong arms and blue, blue eyes.

A whisper, a gossamer soft caress.

Good-bye, sweetheart.


  1. Very nice Victoria!

    Why not put it up as a free read on your website? It makes a nice teaser.

  2. Very touching Victoria.
    I agree, :) you must do something or put it somewhere