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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This is the beginning of my erotic piece, (15K words) due out in the 'At Your Service' anthology with Total-e-Bound. It will be released as a single in in July. You can pre-order the anthology from 29th April  (next week!) or pre-order my single on 17th June. I will leave your imagination to build on the last sentence in this excerpt and hope it lifts you over your Wednesday hump. Cheers Virginnia.

“Good evening Mrs. Brown” someone murmured at her shoulder.
Helen’s stomach lurched. Her heart leapt in her chest and pounded at speed.  Fear fizzed down her spine and turned her stomach over.  Only a small group of people knew her as Mrs. Brown and those people would not mix with, or be known to the present company. The cream of London’s society eddied around her, dressed to impress for their night at the Albert Hall. The interval afforded an opportunity to be seen and husbands attended with no interest in the musical recitals of Mozart and Chopin, let alone Beethoven’s Pastoral pieces.
She turned around, her gaze searching the moving crowd. Three men walked away through the theatre patrons, one younger than the others.  From the rear he looked well built with wide shoulders, dressed in formal attire and walking with a slight swagger. The voice she heard had sounded young. Could it be him? Even if she could see his face she wouldn’t recognise him. 
When in the persona of  ‘Mrs Brown’ she always requested a blindfold.  If she had enjoyed his company, she wouldn’t know.

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  1. I love the cover! What a great excerpt! I wish you tons of success!