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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


This erotic novella was a recommended read on USA TODAY HEA blog on the 3rd August. I hope you enjoy this sample. Cheers Virginnia.
His message, left on a nail in the garden shed last Thursday, had read ‘Hide and Seek’. He’d given her a week to think of a hiding place.  She checked the time, stripped off her clothes, sprayed on some perfume and ran to the library. Her bare feet made no sound on the carpet. Behind the long velvet drapes in the library seemed the best solution and that’s where she now stood, on a stool to keep her toes from peeping out. Wrapped close around her the drapes kept her warm, until found.  Just thinking about it raised her excitement and her sex thrummed its anticipation.  The hall chime ten o’clock.  Time for the game to begin.

  Mortlock’s footsteps thumped and his murmurings grew to sound very cross as he hunted without success.  Today he’d searched the library and in his hurry he’d missed her. He’d come so close the drapes had swayed. She’d suppressed a shiver and her nipples had hardened, brushed by the velvet.  Now his heav tread moved upstairs as he looked before he pounded down the staircase. The door of the billiard room thudded as it hit the wall.  Moments later the library door opened, its familiar creak giving away his progress into the carpeted room.

Their love sessions were usually enacted in near silence, a hangover from Brighton more than a lack of something to say, but today he groaned, presumably with frustration but possibly, she hoped, with lust.  

 He began his second search of the room beginning on the opposite wall. She heard him opening the cupboards, shifting the couch away from the window wall, swishing the curtains. Her skin tingled, her sex heated and her muscles tightened low in her belly. The thrill of knowing he would find her at any moment made her legs weaken and with a swish the curtain yanked back.  She stood revealed,  shivering in the draught,  her buttocks tense, her feet barely holding her on the low stool.

Her erect nipples ached, her flesh tingled with goose bumps and a giggle of delight escaped her as he stared, his gaze raking her from top to toe.

“At last.”

 She stretched her arms up high to relieve their tension from being still for long minutes. Excitement bubbled and fizzed within her. He wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her against his bare chest. His exertions had given him a sheen of perspiration. She toppled as the stool tipped. He righted her while he sucked and nipped her breasts. He slid his other hand between her thighs.  Hiding for so long had wound her like a coiled spring. She yelped in surprise . He released her and as the stool tipped once more he wrapped his arms around her waist to hold her steady.

“Minx.” He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder so her breasts rested on his back and her arse received a swift spank. ....