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Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Decision

Just released! The Decision.

Dace Reynolds was conned by a beautiful woman and longs for retribution. Spying Sophie Price
again, he confronts her, only the woman isn't his personal nightmare, but her sister, Stephanie. Trading on Stephanie’s obvious attraction to him, Dace decides to seduce her and use her until she leads him to Sophie. Despite Stephanie’s best efforts to resist him, she gives into Dace’s overwhelming appeal, believing he isn’t the cold man he portrays. She will take the physical relationship and settle for Sophie’s leavings once again while longing for more. Dace retreats in the face of Stephanie's honesty and strives to create a relationship with her based on something more than physical attraction. He is intensely sexual but denies himself until they can embark on an exploration of both their emotional and sexual needs. Can Dace let go of his thirst for revenge? Can Stephanie stand up to her sister for the first time ever to secure the man of her dreams?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hunk Friday - A Smorgasbord

By the end of the week I'm pretty much done like toast. My friend sent me an email to help me relax my shoulders and stretch out the stress. I have no idea who these guys are but found it didn't matter--it was the most pleasant neck exercise I've ever done and want to share it with you.

Simple instructions: View and repeat. As many times as you find helpful. Stop when it hurts...


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This is the beginning of my erotic piece, (15K words) due out in the 'At Your Service' anthology with Total-e-Bound. It will be released as a single in in July. You can pre-order the anthology from 29th April  (next week!) or pre-order my single on 17th June. I will leave your imagination to build on the last sentence in this excerpt and hope it lifts you over your Wednesday hump. Cheers Virginnia.

“Good evening Mrs. Brown” someone murmured at her shoulder.
Helen’s stomach lurched. Her heart leapt in her chest and pounded at speed.  Fear fizzed down her spine and turned her stomach over.  Only a small group of people knew her as Mrs. Brown and those people would not mix with, or be known to the present company. The cream of London’s society eddied around her, dressed to impress for their night at the Albert Hall. The interval afforded an opportunity to be seen and husbands attended with no interest in the musical recitals of Mozart and Chopin, let alone Beethoven’s Pastoral pieces.
She turned around, her gaze searching the moving crowd. Three men walked away through the theatre patrons, one younger than the others.  From the rear he looked well built with wide shoulders, dressed in formal attire and walking with a slight swagger. The voice she heard had sounded young. Could it be him? Even if she could see his face she wouldn’t recognise him. 
When in the persona of  ‘Mrs Brown’ she always requested a blindfold.  If she had enjoyed his company, she wouldn’t know.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Hunk Friday-Vikings!

And no, I don't mean the professional American football team. I mean the History channel show that I just started to watch, The Vikings. It's full of lots of dirty, uncouth, brawny, men striding around plotting and whacking people with hand axes. Whew!
Star of the show; Ragnar Lothbrok played by Aussie model/actor Travis Fimmel:

(I don't own copyright to these so will of course remove it if asked)

He looks much better as a fighting Northman than he ever did as a Calvin Klein underwear model if you ask me. Except when he's got the crazy bloodlust look in his eye;

(please don't hurt me)

And then there is his brother Rollo, played by Clive Standen;
(okay, I'm thinking a gentle spanking might be in order)

He's moody and broody and built.  Probably a little smelly but you can't have everything.

Actually all of the Lothbroks are pretty attractive, like his wife Lagertha played by Katheryn Winnick:

She's pretty tough stuff too. You have to be to take on a fight like this one.

(Lots of blood on the beach in short order)

So if you don't mind grime and blood spatter, give the Vikings a try on the History Channel.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sex and candy

 “Forget love. I’d rather fall in chocolate.” or so the saying goes. Why not have both? At the same time?


Chocolate has long been touted as an aphrodisiac and this is likely because it contains two chemicals: Trypotphan and phenylethylamine. Trypotphan is related to serotonin, the happy hormone and phenylethylamine is an amphetamine-like stimulant that is released when we feel aroused.


However, beyond the scientific claims, chocolate is just yummy- and it has multiple possibilities for all sorts of applications. Sharing, for one.


Many things taste good dipped or coated in chocolate. Or butterscotch, (another favorite of mine). Don't think I have to spell this out for you! And the exercise that follows can burn off any guilty calories too!


So get creative and choose your favorite: milk chocolate, semi-sweet, dark, white, bitter-sweet, and enjoy, knowing it’s all good for you! (Most things are, in moderation, although I’m not really good at practising moderation with chocolate.)

Friday, April 12, 2013

TGIF Hunk- Tarkan

Recently a wonderful friend introduced me to this hot singer. She lived in Turkey and even hinted that he might have been a muse for one of her characters. After seeing his photo, I couldn't stop from finding out more about him. 

Tarkan Tevetoğlu, simply known as Tarkan, is a World Music award winning Turkish pop singer. He was born in AlzeyWest Germany, and raised in Turkey. Tarkan has been known for the use of romantic themes in his work and has been nicknamed the "Prince of Pop" by the media. Tarkan's effect on Turkey has been compared by The Washington Post as analogous to Elvis in America.

Tarkan is hot but I love his longer hair better than his short hair and those eyes are compelling. Even though I can't understand what he's singing about, the romance is clear in his body and movements. Who wouldn't want to be in this guy's arms?

But I will let you see for yourself. What do you think? Is he a new hottie or what?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I borrowed this from a friend, I hope you enjoy it., Cheers Virginnia


  Is it love or lust? does it really matter?
  I see you and feel my resolve melt and scatter
Strong loving arms and marathon kisses,
  hands entwined, we share dreams and wishes
I breath your scent, my head on your shoulder
  your hands caress me, bolder and bolder
  I’m the essence of earth with your arms wrapped around,
  your eyes speak to me without making a sound
Hold me, hug me, kiss me my love
In your arms hold me tight - just for tonight.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday's Scintiallating Interview with Victoria Black

I was interviewed on the U.K. blog, Love Lust and Lipstick Stains, the other day. Here it is:

Welcome to Victoria who talks favourite characters, sexiest traits and working on a prawn trawler! 
What’s your name and where do you come from?
Hi, my name is Victoria Black, and I'm from Australia.

Tell us a bit about your latest release.
Heavenly Revenge is an erotic romantic fantasy. It's set on another planet, in an alternate reality, with a couple of sweet old angels thrown into the mixture. However, the two  main combatants are very human. Their relationship is built around the delicious revenge the hero exacts from his very pretty enemy.

If you couldn’t be an author, what would your ideal career be?
I used to think I wanted to be an actress. I tried for a while there, but couldn't remember my lines whenever the camera pointed at me. But I still have a very expressive voice. So, in addition to writing, which I love, I'm going to look into reading books for the Audio book market. I'd love it. I'd always have a script. No memory necessary.

Do you have a favourite character from your books? Why are they your favourite?
I think most female authors fall in love with their heroes, and I am no exception. King Andrejs from Heavenly Revenge is my favourite character. I love a forceful, alpha male hero like Andrejs. My heroine, Rose, (me, the way I'd like to be) has no trouble in wrapping her baffled, though valiantly arrogant, hero around her little finger. I love that soft, kind side to his nature that Rose brings out.

What trait do you find the sexiest?
I find a decisive man who knows his own mind very sexy. Perhaps because I'm the opposite – indecisive and emotional. Add in a large dollop of kindness, and you have my perfect man.

How do you decide how hot or not your book is going to be?
My plot idea, and the conflict between the couple, dictate how hot the book is going to be. If the book is based around sex, like it is in Heavenly Revenge, then it's easy – the story can be as hot as I want. The current short story I'm writing is aimed at a magazine, so I know it can't be too sexy. It has a sexy premise, involving a man and a naked lady in a bath, but I have to reign it in.

Is the stuff you write about from experience or mostly imagination?
Experience sometimes goes into parts of my hot scenes. Hey, I know what I like, okay? But everything else is all imagination.

What’s your idea of a perfect romantic evening?
My perfect romantic evening would be set on an exclusive Barrier Reef resort. After having snorkled all morning, relaxed at the bar around the swimming pool most of the afternoon, made love and snoozed during the rest of the afternoon, my romantic evening would involve a superb three course meal, with matching wines, in the resort's excellent  restaurant.

Tell us something that might surprise our readers.
I worked as a deck hand on a prawn trawler as one of the many jobs I've had in my life. I can't believe I used to pick up huge crabs and jellyfish and other revolting things and fling them over the side. My husband has to bait my hooks when we go fishing now, if we're using live bait.

Revenge can be cold and cruel.
When Rose dies before her time, two sweet, old angels send her on a mission to save another world. The angels worry she will be no match for the land's strong and handsome king. However Rose has learned a bitter lesson courtesy of her unfaithful and very ex boyfriend. She is strong too.
When the lovely Rose meets King Andrejs, she has a sweet battle on her hands. He believes she is an enemy spy who has learned a secret that may affect the outcome of the war raging between his kingdom and the land to the north. It is against Andrejs' code to hurt a woman.
As both he and Rose discover, revenge doesn't have to be cold or cruel. Revenge can be hot and very pleasurable indeed.
Victoria Black lives in Queensland, Australia, with her husband, Darryl, and her very disobedient dog, Toby. When she’s not writing sexy romances, Victoria enjoys playing bridge and going to exercise classes (well, it’s the coffee with everyone afterward that she enjoys). Of an evening, she loves eating Darryl’s delicious dinner and drinking a matching wine. You’ll notice food usually makes an appearance in Victoria’s books!

Find out more about Victoria on her website and purchase Heavenly revenge here:  Secret Cravings, AmazonBarnes & Noble, Bookstrand and ARe.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Life Long Fascination With Cars

A Life Long Fascination with Cars

Alright, I admit it. I’m a gear-head.  I love the sleek long shape of the design and can’t get enough of the shine or colors.  It all sounds so titillating.  And for me it is!  I’m a car fanatic.  There is something exquisitely beautiful about a car that makes it more than just a tool to get from one place to another.

I grew up as one of five daughters to a very manly man.  My dad who worked in the steel plant on the floor where molten steel was poured and formed liked to hunt, ice fish, and build shed and playhouses for fun.  In many ways we were expected to do them to.  By the time I was  ten, I was  mowing the grass. Shh…don’t spoil it but we just liked to drive around on the tractor too!  We learned how to ice fish (burrrrr) and shoot (I wasn’t too bad hitting the cans, but never wanted to shoot an animal). We were all girls but had a unique side.

When my dad got me my first used car, I wasn’t allowed to drive it until I learned how to check the oil. It took me two days to figure out how to open the hood because I was too proud to ask for help, but I did it and  learned so much more. My first car was a pretty rusted out 1978 Firebird.  It was silver and had the screaming chicken (eagle) on the hood.  It was my pride and joy. At least until I had to share it with my next youngest sister and she wrecked it.  But that car was the car that launched my gear-head.  I had to learn how to drive a three-speed stick shift and, don’t tell my parents, got many of my speeding tickets because I just couldn’t go slow in that car!  Most of my friends were people who understood my love of cars and endured those Autoramma shows or had other showcase cars like ’63 Corevettes and’57 Chevy’s. Sometimes when it’s late at night I still cry that I didn’t get the  ’79 Camaro convertible in the divorce.

Cars tend to find themselves in my stories as well. In Beach Desires, the main character Stacey Wilder is a gear-head. She notices the beautiful ’68 dark read Camaro convertible before she notices the cute girl getting out of the car. In Protecting His Wolfe, Betsie is not a gear-head but a girl looking for a sensible car with good gas mileage.  However underneath that sensible girl lurks a gear-head who notices the sporty black car that the murderer was driving as well as Detective Jonah Pigg’s and his brother’s cars.  She just can’t help herself.  And most gear-heads can’t!  Summer is all about hot cars and sizzling nights. I hope you come along on my next story to see just what car shows up.  Varrrrrrooommmm!!

What's your favorite car? What car would you have if you could afford anyone? Why??

Friday, April 5, 2013

Hunk Friday - Tom Selleck

Thomas William "Tom" Selleck (born January 29, 1945) is an American actor and film producer. Best known for his starring role as the P.I. Thomas Magnum in the tv series, Magnum P.I. that was based in Hawaii. He played a police chief, Jesse Stone, in the made for tv movies based on Robert B. Parker novels- an awesome author btw, but not quite my preference for hunks. Since 2010, Tom appeared as NYPD Police Commissioner Frank Reagan in the drama Blue Bloods.

Tom has appeared in more than fifty film and television roles since his initial success with Magnum PI and starred in Three Men and a Baby, Quigly Down Under, Mr. Baseball, Lassiter, just to name a few. He also appeared as Dr. Richard Burke on Friends, where he played the on-again, off-again love-interest of Monica.

This is a hunk who just keeps getting better with age: in shape and sporting that distinguished salt and pepper look. He has an appeal for women of all ages. Actor Tom Selleck.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Healthy Hump Day

I am a big proponent of eating healthy whenever possible. Go with the veggies and unprocessed proteins every time.  I also avoid starches as much as possible and my body thanks me for it.  It’s my own version of the paleo diet and since I studied anthropology way back when it makes me happy.  So instead of posting a recepie for a decadent dessert, I am going to let you in on something else.  Kim chee.  Yes, kim chee, the fermented cabbage dish originating in Korea.  It is basically cabbage, chili, garlic, salt, vinegar and sometimes other goodies.  That’s all good-for you stuff (other than the salt). What makes is unique and even more healthy is the beneficial bacteria lactobacillus inhabiting that tasty environment.  That can make it an acquired taste (and smell) but ingesting that stuff is great for your own colonies of bacteria.  But if you like sauerkraut and can take some heat, I encourage you to give kim chee a try

Kim chee.  Yes.  It is that delicious.

Kim Chee Fried Rice, serving one enthusiast, or a couple of people as a side dish
I read about this in a Trader Joe’s flyer and decided to do it myself.  I get my kim chee at the Asian supermarket or from one of my favorite restaurants (they make their own and it is beyond delicious). All you need is some kim chee, cold cooked rice, an egg, and some chopped green onion (or scallion).
First, heat a little oil in a wok or large sauté.
Cook your egg however you like, scrambled or fried.  Cook it well done and remove to your serving plate.
Add a bit more oil to your pan if necessary and toss in some kim chee.  I love the stuff, so I usually add at least a cup, usually a cup and a half.  Saute it long enough to warm it up and then throw in some cooked rice.  Use cold cooked rice so that the grains will hold up to the sauté.  I use much less rice than kim chee because I am watching starches, but if you like rice and are uncertain of kim chee, use more.  Cook the rice with the kim chee, breaking up the clumps so that the rice grains separate and warm and are coated with all the good kim chee flavor.
At this point you can add your egg back to the mix if you want to warm it up.  I usually am so hungry at this point I just slide it all on the plate and start to eat before I put the sauté pan in the sink.  Sprinkle with the chopped scallions and eat.
I like kim chee so much that one of my goals is to make my own some day.
Next time we can talk about miso, another one of my favorite quick and healthy meals.

Kim chee fried rice. Yes. It is that delicious.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday's Scintillating Interview


Welcome to Craving Erotic Romance BlogSpot.


Today we’re presenting the English Author: Daisy Banks.

It’s a great pleasure to join you at The Craving Erotic Romance BlogSpot.


1.      Have you always wanted to be an author?

Daisy: I recorded my earliest stories on tape. I was too young to have learned to write. I guess you could say I’ve always wanted to be an author but it took some years before the opportunity arose to let me discover if I had any talent as an author. As a child, I wanted to be an archaeologist, or an author. I can remember being very disappointed when I was told I couldn’t be an archaeologist, but I held onto the dream of being an author.


2. What genre(s) do you write?

Daisy: I have written fantasy, paranormal and historical stories. I enjoy those genres when I read and to write in them has been great fun. I have to say the historical genre remains the most difficult as it’s so demanding. A historical story takes me twice as long to work on because I like to try to make it as period accurate as possible and that can mean a lot of research.


3)  Have you ever self published?

Daisy: No, I haven’t self published.


4) Who or what inspired you to write your first book?

Daisy: I had an unfortunate illness that kept me from my normal day job as a special needs teacher for some months. The situation was quite grim I needed something to occupy my mind and I wondered if I could write a story. I did, my first effort was dreadful, but I found I enjoyed the process and wrote another, equally dreadful. Neither of those stories was good enough to be submitted for publishing. The more I wrote the more wanted to learn about writing and I started to find out about critique groups and people who could help me improve my skills. I read lots of ‘how to’ articles and I kept on writing. I continued to learn, and began to submit my stories to publishers. Each book I write I try to give the reader the best I can. My skills have developed since I first began but I still try to learn something new with each story. I am fascinated by deep point of view and its powers.


5) How many hours in a day might you write? 

Daisy: This does vary day to day and is dependent on how well a story is going. Some days I will write for several hours, on other days I’ll edit or critique while I think through what will come next. If I am completing edits for a publisher that always takes precedence over anything else.


6) Are you a plotter or a pantster?

Daisy: I wrote extensively about this in February at All Things Writing. Here is a link if you want to read in detail about the way I write. I’m a pantster through and through.

There is nothing wrong with authors who plot if that method works for them. I found for me plotting didn’t do the job I wanted it to, and so I’ve stuck to flying by the seat of my pants as I write. I research and edit once I have the bones of a story in place. I like the characters to lead the way in the story and I’ve found for me writing works best that way.


7) Do you ever find yourself slipping away and becoming so immersed in your story it affects how you relate to others?

Daisy: I think it’s called being ‘in the zone’ and yes, it does happen. I hate being interrupted then as it destroys the mood and it feels like I’ve been ripped out of the story. I can get grouchy when that happens. I always get attached to the characters as I build the story and if I’m in a crucial place, say a sensual love scene, then I have been known to mutter a few words of ancient Anglo-Saxon derivative if some marketing company rings on my mobile phone or a salesperson calls at the door. I’m not quite as grumpy if it’s my friends or one of my sons. I do hasten to say I never actually swear loudly at any of the poor individuals who incur my wrath.


8) Are you in any of your books? 

Daisy: This is a very interesting question. My first thought was no, but that’s not true. I am in every story I write. Though the story I’m working on may be a fantasy or a paranormal it’s built by my imagination and that is fired by my experiences as well as my dreams. The process happens at a subconscious level, I’ve never written a character with the intention they would be me. I do remember when I first started writing many of my male characters whistled, an unusual characteristic for me to pick. It took some months for me to understand the habit of whistling came from my father. He’d recently died and subconsciously I was recreating an element of him in my story. So, I have to say yes, I am in each and every story. I think if most writers look at their work they will find elements of themselves. This is why, I believe, when stories are rejected or are not well received by a reviewer the experience is painful for the author, its not just about ego and artistic temperament, its because a part of you the person is rejected too. I wonder if other writers would agree with me there.


9) What do your friends and family have to say about you writing?  

Daisy: This made me smile. My husband is very supportive, he’s often helped me out with the positioning of bodies in certain scenes, and he finds that fun. He gives me time and space to write and encourages me. My sons too have encouraged me to write. Most of my friends like listening to me talk about my latest plot for a new story and they do buy my books.

I very much count my critique partners as friends and their support has been invaluable to me. They help me in many ways. I like the critique process as I learn through it too.

I do try to make sure I don’t bore the pants off people who aren’t interested in what I do; I think that’s only fair.


10) Please share an excerpt from one of your books that totally spoke to you when you put the words down on paper…

Daisy: This excerpt comes from the first chapter of my latest story, Your Heart My Soul with Liquid Silver Books.

It is important to me as after I’d written it I felt for the first time my author voice had been superseded by the voice of the character.


Moonlight shimmered. The sliver of pale shadows on the grubby floorboards he crossed wavered like ripples in the shallows. William “Reliance” Smith sat and tipped his sailor’s cap over his brow. With no one about to cry shame, he lounged back, putting his feet up on the comfortable, red leather chaise. A dim pattern of blue light from across the street sparkled and played on the opposite wall, where yellowed paint flaked and peeled.

The windowpanes rattled in their leaded squares, buffeted by the wind outside. Or, on the other hand, perhaps their agitation had another cause. A small bloom of anticipation swelled in his chest and the fine hairs on the back of his neck rose. Might this be the night his dreams came true? He sighed and battled to hold down the ache inside.

How many times had he hoped before? All for naught.

Not a Jack lived in the wide world that’d make him tell of it, but he feared the flavor of the bitter cup of loss, had tasted it too long and too often. He shook the thoughts away. No matter what, he’d linger, as he’d promised his darlin’ for as long as need be. Unsettled as he was this night, he sought a fresh distraction to help him through the waiting and glanced around the shop.


Before God, he couldn’t deny it. Tonight, change hung heavy in the air, but not in the way he longed for. No sign of his sweet Sally to cheer him; not a breath of her fragrance in the stillness; no clatter of her red-striped heels over the flagstones outside announced her arrival.

A part of him long ago warned this vigil, it were a waste, and he’d never hear those precious sounds again. That time had gone … he’d only to glance at the star patterns in the winter sky to know it … but … what if he were wrong? Mayhap all these doubts, this waiting, it might be a test of his love. Perhaps the day would dawn when his Sal would come to him. One precious evening he’d find her here, and they’d be happy again as they’d sworn.

Faith must be the key. He’d a head start on others in that quarter, for his very name gave his offer of assurance to his family, to his master, and to his shipmates. They’d never yet found him wanting and nor would his darlin’ wench.

Yet this night his senses jangled, out of kilter. The room didn’t set right with him at all. If anyone asked, he’d have been hard put to say what had changed, but his gut told him for sure something had occurred.

A prickle rose on the back of his neck, the fine hairs stood like a hound’s ruff to warn of storms to come and his certainty grew. T’was said only those who’d made it ’round the horn got the sense of predicting stormy winds. Well, he’d made it ’round the horn and home twice—and tonight, in the twilight shadows, proof of it raced icy down his back.

The fat blue-and-white painted vase. It had moved!

The thing always stood on the starboard side of the counter, had been there for so long he couldn’t recall.

He shook his head.

Tonight, the thick-bottomed vase sat on the frayed rush mat. Unknown hands had moved the vase from its usual spot and left it on the floor, where any bad-tempered little brat in hobnailed boots might kick it.


The pawnshop didn’t change. Why, it was only yesterday evening he’d been here and things had been the same as they’d been for—well, he couldn’t give a number on the days. Wherever else he wandered along the wharf each starlit night, he always began his evening journey here, in the shop, hoping. Before dawn he returned, dragging the tatters of his dreams, for one last glimpse before the bright light came. The first streaks of dawn and he’d leave with the prayer the next night would bring a different outcome. The sun on the water, always he saw the light sparkling on the waves, until it dimmed and the next night and his hopes came again.

He stifled the confusion in his thoughts, the ache and longing inside, rose from the chaise and picked his way through the jumble of objects in the corner. Once beyond the brass umbrella stand and the dark wood whatnot with the broken shelf, he eased by the table and made sure he didn’t brush against the cluster of china flat-back ornaments on the long open bookcase.

Surprise stilled his steps. Unblinking, like when he watched a shooting star, he stared as if he’d frozen in the bitter cold of the deepest southern ocean. He gawped in wonder at the arch of a smear mark traced by three slim fingertips scraped along the mahogany counter.

Not his darlin’ Sal’s sweet touch, though. He knew it immediately, for she’d truly tiny fingers—slender like little petals, and how he wished…

One day she’d weave her small, pale fingertips through his hair again, or she might even whack him on the chin and giggle. Didn’t he know her for a lovin’ saucy wench?

How she made the counter shine, each time he came in, and the glossy gleam on the wood reflected the light. Sal made sure of it. First time he’d seen his lovely, she’d been polishing in here with a twist of lavender in her fair curls, a thick lump of beeswax in one hand and a blue dust rag in the other. He’d leaned against the door, spellbound, watching her lithe shoulders moving, the front of her white blouse, that held a full bounty, a-jiggling like a spinnaker in a breeze with all her pretty efforts to bring forth a shine on the wood.

By his heart and soul, she was a beauty. On three continents, he’d never met her like. He breathed deeply and closed his eyes to recall the perfection of her violet-scented mouth, coral-tinted lips made for kisses, her cheeky, inviting little smile, and the sparkle in brilliant green eyes that could smolder in passion like oriental gems or blaze like a wildfire lived inside them. And her laugh.

Ah, when his darlin’ laughed, the sound danced about a room, skipped like dawn light on the waves, glimmered like ice crystals in a winter night.


Everything about his sweet, dainty Sal was beautiful, and he only lingered here awaiting the chance to haul fast beside her once again. This time when he did, he’d take her in his arms, caress her until she made those soft, welcoming little sighs and, God help him, he’d know then he’d come home.

He clenched his hand. “Christ alive, my wench, where in the wide world are ye? My girl, ye gave me yer heart, took mine in return, and ye promised we’d wed. Yer swore we would.”


You can buy Your Heart My Soul here.


11) Which actor/character(s) would play the starring role?


Daisy: There are four main characters in Your Heat My Soul, I’d like the heroine Libby to be played by Kristen Stewart. I think she’d be perfect for the role. The ghostly voice of Sally I’d love to have someone with a fantastic voice play that, I like the voice of Helena Bonham Carter, I think she’d manage the dialect speech well too. For Will, the ghostly patient sailor waiting for his Sally, I like to see a strong actor play Will, someone like Alex Pettyfer would be good, he’s got the look to fit the role and I’m sure he’d manage the dialect speech. I’d love to see a grown up Daniel Radcliffe play Gareth, the hero who helps Libby.


12) What five things would you take on a desert island? 

Daisy: My husband, a blanket to lay on the sand, a bottle of good wine, one large glass to share and a working mobile phone to ring for help when our romantic day at the beach is done,


My thanks to everyone at Craving Erotic Romance. It’s been a pleasure to answer your questions.

Happy reading and best wishes from

Daisy Banks


Author of

Your Heart My Soul with Liquid Silver Books.

Timeless with Lyrical Press

Fiona’s Wish with Lyrical Press CAPA Nominee 2012

A Matter of Some Scandal with Lyrical Press

Witch’s Mark with NCP


March 2013


Great to have had you, Daisy!