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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lose Control on Hump Wednesday...


Myles Oliver Dayton likes control in every aspect of his life. He desires it, demands it in the board room and his bedroom. But when his teenage crush walks into his office to be his temporary assistant, the tight restraint he kept on his emotions starts to come undone. Something he couldn’t allow. His idea of love is demanding and possessive, and in the end there would only be pain—for both of them. 

Cassie Sorrelson grabs onto opportunities when they come along and assisting Myles with all his demands is an opportunity she isn’t about to pass up. Sexy and controlling, he has her breathing hard and soon yearning for more than a few days together at the corporate retreat. When he suddenly pulls back, though, and refuses the desire she knows is running hot within him, Cassie is going to have to work at getting what she wants … making Myles lose control.  


Donina Lynn lives in a small rural Pennsylvania town with her daughter and German Shepherd.  Coincidentally, it's the same town where she grew up.  There was a time, however, when she ventured away from her home and moved around a bit, crossed a few state lines, and got a degree or two.  But, eventually she found her way back to where it all began.
When she's not at her day job, hanging with her family, curled up with her Kindle, or typing away at the computer, you can find her infront of the TV watching anything paranormal, sci-fi, or a good action flick.  Respect and admiration go to any show or movie that can incorporate explosions, big guns, some ass-kicking, and gratuitous butt shots.
Her addiction to romance novels started as soon as she could turn a page and has carried with her until she decided it was time to fulfill a promise she made to herself and give writing one a whirl.  Her goal is to create stories and characters that the reader can relate to, laugh with and have them routing for that happily-ever-after.  If there happens to be a few steamy scenes, well...that's just an added bonus.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Something amazing for Monday!

Steven is tall, dark and damaged. He doesn't let anyone close, comfortable on the outside of normal life where he can hide his scars behind a wall so high that nothing gets throughexcept them. Despite a childhood marred with black and blue, he's survived and moved in with his two best friends, Sam and Charlie.

Life should get better, but it was Sam who held him when the dark threatened to swallow him whole, Sam who gave him a place that felt like home, and Sam who knew every scar and every broken place.

And it's all been taken away with Charlie sharing Sam's bed.

Without his former confront, Steven realizes what's been hiding in the deep corners of his heart, and the truth sinks him like a weight. Hes in love with one or maybe both of his roommates. Navigating unrequited love tears Steven apart and brings him to the precipice, and he has to choose: his feelings or Samsand Charlies?

Friday, April 24, 2015

Sweet hunks for Friday!

A chance encounter in a hospital waiting room between twenty-two year old Will Messina and sixteen year old Josiah Pinkerton ends with a gift of a stuffed dragon off the hospital gift cart and a memory neither of them can shake.

Five years later, when a lonely, buttoned-up Will ventures into a gay club, he spots a pale, leather-clad specter with violet eyes tracking his every move. Will realizes he’s being watched by the grown version of the boy who’s haunted his thoughts for years.

Joey recognizes Will, but he’s no longer the sweet, brown-eyed boy worthy of Will’s attention. He’s damaged and defective and lives in a different world than Will now. When his childhood crush makes his way across the bar, Joey doesn’t have time to decide whether to be enchanted or dismayed because, unless he turns and runs, those worlds are about to collide.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A great read by April Zyon for Hump Wednesday!!


Captured by his mortal enemy General Fintan Daykin is held for many long months in an Imarian Facility. On the day that he’s able to escape he’s faced with one of the biggest surprises of his life.
Adira Lora is the head of the Medical Ministries offices of Imaria and she learnt that there is something seriously wrong with one of the facilities. Something that she has to  go and figure out for herself since she trusts no one else.
Taken hostage by the tall, dark Craegin was not what Adira had in mind when she got to the facility, but it seemed as if Fate and the Spirits had something else altogether in mind for her.
She should be wary of the man who could tear her apart but she’s not. She’s drawn to him, she aches for him and she’s desperate to heal his injuries but he pushes her away at every turn.
He can’t let her too close, he’s far too attracted to the small Imarian that he dragged with him onto her crawler. He only wanted to get home, back to his people and away from the slow death that her people were giving him.
Once the pain of his injuries starts to ease and the reality of who little Adi is to him sets in Fin realizes that he will have to protect her from more than just his people. Fin realizes that he would also have to protect her from  hers as well.
When Adira finally submits to Fintan however he knows that he will never let her go. He owns her now, she is his in every sense of the word for now and all time and nothing would come between them.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Footwear for Friday!

Here's J.J. Lore's latest release, an erotic fairy tale featuring two sexy elves, a woman and a pair of thigh high boots...

Hanna Bregot is struggling to make a go of her ailing father’s cobbler shop, but the residents of her town regard a woman shoemaker as an oddity. At the end of the day, she can’t even summon the energy to repair her tattered slippers, let alone earn enough to feed herself or her cat.
Elf companions Lear and Garrin like to mingle among humans, but always in disguise. When they notice a poor cobbler crying over her shoes one evening, they immediately decide to intervene and give her a gift in the hopes of lifting her spirits.
What starts out as simple kindness soon morphs into a sensual game the three want to play forever. But when the Queen of the Elves discovers their love, it becomes a matter of magic versus mundane in a life or death decision.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How about a sweet and naughty historical romance for Hump Wednesday?

His Rebel Countess (Challenging the Ton 1)
Peri Elizabeth Scott
[BookStrand Historical Romance, HEA]
Oliver Birmingham, Earl of Leith, is an aristocrat—albeit socially minded—and in the market for a bride. Beautiful, intelligent Abigayle Windsor is a commoner, one the Earl is impossibly drawn to, and when he accidentally compromises her, he insists they wed.
Despite her misgivings, Abby agrees to marry Oliver and their honeymoon lays the foundation for a loving, wonderful marriage. But back in London, Oliver is again the Earl, and Abby finds herself adrift and uncertain, unable to fit in, and she garners considerable attention from the gentlemen of the ton.
Frustrated with Abby’s apparent refusal to adapt, and driven wild with jealousy he refuses to acknowledge, Oliver disciplines his bride one fateful night. He then decrees that if she won’t act the part of his Countess, providing him heirs will suffice, and effectively breaks her heart.
Have Oliver’s actions cost him Abby’s love? Or can he leave his father’s influence behind, and make it up to her? 
No matter how she cajoled, Mr. Landbourne wouldn’t be convinced to share anything with her, other than his information was relevant to a bill being discussed in Parliament on the morrow. He insisted it wasn’t for the ears of ladies, no matter if this lady had her husband’s ear as she implied, and Abby’s mood soured by the minute. Her curiosity ran rampant as well.
Thomas brought refreshments—tea and pastries. Nothing stronger to give the impression the small gathering was anything more than innocent. And he left the door wide open, his shadow passing by frequently. Belatedly, Abby came to the conclusion that entertaining Edwin might not have been the best choice. She wished for Oliver to hurry home.
Be careful what you wish for. The ominous words filled her head as the front door opened and closed, loud in the quiet of the house, followed by a murmur of voices. Her husband’s large frame filled the doorway, incredulity a dire mask on his features before he composed them. Abby chilled to the bone in the face of it. “My lady. Landbourne.”
His freezing tone didn’t totally hide the bubbling fury in his voice. Abby intuited that Oliver was in a towering rage such as she’d never witnessed, and instinctively stood to insert herself between him and Edwin, who was also on his feet and babbling anxiously.
“Leave. Now.” Where was the Earl of Leith, that paragon of manners and proper behavior? The Earl of Hauteur? Mr. Landbourne obviously looked for him too, going pale and blinking frantically. His lips flapped but nothing intelligible emerged.
Then this new Oliver set her aside, merely grasping her upper arms and lifting her clear to set her away from them, before bearing down on the inoffensive Edwin. Twisting the youth’s arm up behind his back, Oliver frogmarched him out of the room before her astonished eyes, ignoring his pleas. The sounds of a scuffle diminished, then she distinctly heard the slamming of the entry. Thomas dashed in to widen his eyes at her, and tried to say something, only to retreat, as with a measured tread, Oliver gained the room again and crossed to loom over her. Had he always been so tall?
“What were you thinking?” His intimidating near growl frightened her but also sparked her temper, a faint hint of guilt fueling the fire.
“I beg your pardon?” She too could sound icy and forbidding, having been schooled by some of the best in the ton, and Oliver’s eyes flashed in response.
“Entertaining Edwin Landbourne. When you were unwell, too ill to attend the Dowager Duchess’s ball. The event of the season and one extremely important to my status in Parliament. I would have thought you’d hope to showcase your considerable charms to a wider audience.”
The attack on her reputation was the final straw. She’d had enough. Damn his status. And damn his insinuations. What about their marriage? What about her? If Oliver chose not to hear Mr. Landbourne out then it wasn’t her place to tell him the young man had come to share information perhaps very relevant to tomorrow’s day in Parliament. To her husband’s oh-so-precious duty.
“There is nothing to say. And certainly nothing to defend. I have no interest in those balls and parties and soirees you insist upon. I have no interest in any part of this social life you have thrust me into, using me to further your political interests! That you no longer even share with me! I have no interest in being your wife.”
A horrible stillness settled over Oliver, and the difference in him became even more pronounced. He somehow grew taller, his shoulders wider, and the very flesh on his cheekbones thinned to give him a cruel, finely etched appearance. She barely recognized him. His next words flayed her, delivered in such a silky tone it nearly masked the venom.
“But you are my wife, Abigayle. My countess. And as my wife you will take my direction and advice and obey me henceforth. Without negotiation. Without complaint or protest, or pay a very dear price for defying me.”
Aghast, she retreated as far as the couch behind her would allow and shook her head. “No. I can’t live like that.”
“Then you leave me no choice.”
Bearing her out of the room with no care to her protests and struggles, he took her to a small room at the end of the hall. Her eye caught the quick movements of the servants and she was mortally embarrassed to be handled in such a way in front of them. What transpired next was something she somehow retreated from in order to deny him further and only consider later when alone again in her room, deposited there by a man she no longer knew, yet was married to and forced to deal with for her lifetime. If only at his time and choosing.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday's Scintillating Interview with S.J. Maylee!

Welcome to Craving Erotic Romance Blogspot’s Scintillating Monday Interview.

Today we’re presenting Author: S.J. Maylee!

1)      Have you always wanted to be an author?
No. But I’ve been fascinated by romance for as long as I can remember. When I was a young girl, I loved dancing in my bedroom and acting out the stories that filled my imagination. It took quite a while for me to be brave enough to write down my stories and even longer to start sharing them.
2)      What genre(s) do you write?
So far, I write mainly contemporary erotic romance. I have a passion for Dominance and submission and you’ll find that in my books. I’ve wanted to write a Sci-Fi romance forever. I even have the whole series in my head. I hope to spend time with those characters soon.
3)      Have you ever self published?
No, but one of my coming soon projects will be a self-published book. I recently hired an editor for the project. It will be my first time working with an editor outside of Evernight Publishing. I’m looking forward to experiencing publishing in a whole new way.
4)      Who or what inspired you to write your first book?
Cherise Sinclair. I love her books. After reading just one of her books, my heroines saw a new way forward and they demanded I write. It was like I was possessed, lol. Once I started, I couldn’t stop.
5)      How many hours in a day might you write?
I work from home which is great, since I also have two young sons and a husband. Finding time outside of my responsibilities can be rather difficult but I find a way. Most days, I spent at least an hour writing and often it is several hours, especially if I’m trying to meet one of my personal deadlines. Of course more time is spent each day on the other tasks an author needs to complete.
6)      Are you a plotter or a pantser?
I start every project as a plotter. I work with a beat sheet and write down my inspiration for each step in the story. However once I start writing, my characters share where they think the story should go and I always follow their lead.
7)      Do you ever find yourself slipping away and becoming so immersed in your story it affects how you relate to others?
Most definitely. That’s me in my zone. Once I’m there, I don’t want to do anything else. I take full advantage of that immersion because those are the times I find I’m able to tackle the most difficult parts of the story.
8)      Are you in any of your books?
Yes and no. I think there is a little bit of me in all my heroines. All of my books so far take place in Chicago, a city I know very well. I often set at least one scene in a place or area I’ve frequented.
9)      What do your friends and family have to say about you writing?
The members of my family who know about my writing are quite proud. My best girlfriends get very excited when I email them new books to read. It’s fun to share the stories that become such a part of you with the people you love.
10)  Please share an excerpt from your book that totally spoke to you when you put the words down on paper.

From: Desire Unexpected (Assassins and Sweethearts Book 1)

Everything about their situation reminded her that flirting with the boss was a bad idea. She had no business wanting more from him. The only thing he ever offered was enticing conversation, a cheap lunch, and his easy smile.
She stopped her empty mail cart at the coffee station and looked over her shoulder, certain she’d seen Ethan step behind her. I’m losing it. She shook it off and grabbed her mug from the bottom shelf of her cart. She stood abruptly, this time certain she’d heard something. “Who’s calling my name?”
“I am. Would you come over here, please?”
She turned around and found Ethan standing just inside the janitor’s closet. Leaving her mug, she skipped over. “Does your secretary know where you are?”
“No.” He pulled her in and closed the door. “An out-of-town meeting came up. I’m afraid I’ll have to cancel our lunch date for today and the next few days.”
“Oh, that’s okay.” She looked past him to the stacks of paper towel.
“You’re disappointed. I’m sorry.” He stepped closer to her and she stepped back, keeping the distance. “I’ll make it up to you. I promise.”
“You don’t have to say that.” She pressed her lips together, wishing she could take back the lie. She wanted much more from him than that. Right now in this tiny room, she wanted him to wrap his arms around her and tell her he’d miss her, confess what she meant to him. “That’s not the deal we made.” She fought her desire to change all the rules.
“I know, but I want to. I’ll call when I’m back in town.” His gaze seemed to linger on her lips. Maybe he wanted to change the rules too.
“I’d like that.” She straightened her spine and took a step toward him, eliminating the empty space. He hadn’t opened the door by much, but she wanted to throw it open. “Why don’t you touch me?”
“I touch you all the time.” He angled his head, allowing her to come a little closer.
“Not really,” she whispered. Her focus zeroed in on his luscious mouth. She was certain if she reached out her tongue, she could drag it across his lips. The heat coming from his body and his divine manly scent called her forward. Her heart beat like a wild thing, awakening her pussy and her growing need for more. “You don’t really touch me.”
He took a step toward her and she stumbled back a step, finding the door. His hard body pushed her flat while he raised his arms to brace himself around her. “I’m beginning not to trust myself when I’m around you.” He brushed his nose along hers and his hard cock pressed against her belly. “You’re one giant temptation. I should have known better than to indulge my curiosity.”
“Do you want me to leave you alone?” She breathed a heavy sign, not wanting this moment to end, and feared she’d never get closer.
The sound of a phone ringing filled the small space and he stilled. “I’ll call when I’m back. We’ll figure it out.”

11)  Which actor/character(s) would play the starring roles?
Ethan could be played by the handsome Gabriel Macht. He really wears a suit well.
Nadia could be played by the beautiful Jodi Lyn O'Keefe. Those eyes. So pretty.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hump Wednesday from Canada!

Canadian Muscle …
When Desires Need Protecting.

No one knows sacrifice better than former Army Sergeant Gavin Bennett. He’s witnessed firsthand the emotional, physical and mental toll of being caught in the crossfire. Being a bouncer-slash-bodyguard may not be Gavin’s dream job, but he’s willing to do just about anything to help out family. When Gavin reports for his first day of work, he quickly discovers a woman who threatens to crack his legendary cool.

Shree Walker is on the run from a dark past she tried to shut away. Battered and broken, a happily ever after doesn’t exist for her. Ready to start fresh with a new life in a new city, she is happy dancing at the Vixen Club. She’d be even happier without the presence of the prickly new bouncer who won’t let anyone or anything get past his carefully guarded defenses. He’s a distraction she doesn’t need. And a temptation she can’t resist. 

When Shree is kidnapped by the criminal mastermind hell-bent on taking the club at any cost, Gavin has to make a decision. Hold tight and continue to keep Shree at arm’s length. Or break down his walls and take a chance on something more powerful than them both: Love.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday's Scintillating Interview with Rebecca Brochu!

Welcome to Craving Erotic Romance Blogspot’s Scintillating Monday Interview.

Today we’re presenting Author: Rebecca Brochu!
1)      Have you always wanted to be an author?
·         I’d have to say that I have deep down.  Writing has always been a large part of who I am and has always been something I deeply enjoy
2)      What genre(s) do you write?
·         I write predominately M/M fiction but beyond my deep love of paranormal romance I’ll write in whatever genre grabs my attention at the time.
3)      Have you ever self published?
·         No I haven’t.
4)      Who or what inspired you to write your first book?
·         My very first book was an original story that I played around with in my spare time until I finally mustered up the courage to submit it.
5)      How many hours in a day might you write?
·         No set number to be honest. I tend to try and write for an hour or so every day but that doesn’t always happen.  Sometimes I can spend all day in front of the keyboard and other times I’ll barely be able to string together two sentences.
6)      Are you a plotter or a pantser?
·         I’m a mix of both but I lean heavily towards flying by the seat of my pants kind of writing.  I tend to let my characters grow as we go.
7)      Do you ever find yourself slipping away and becoming so immersed in your story it affects how you relate to others?
·         Oh yeah, especially if I start working on a story that requires me to do a lot of research.  I’ll get so immersed in whatever world I’m building that I’ll spend days bombarding people with random facts.
8)      Are you in any of your books?
·         Oh I’m in all of them! But if you mean are there any characters that are based on myself I’d have to say not on purpose. 
9)      What do your friends and family have to say about you writing?
·         I’ve actually gotten a lot of support from my friends and family.  Even if they don’t all understand or enjoy what I write they’re all extremely supportive.
10)  Please share an excerpt from your book that totally spoke to you when you put the words down on paper.

“Are your eyes closed?”  Silas asked him quieter than before, softer and gentler.

“Yes Sir.”  Jonah felt vulnerable in that moment, in a way he thought he’d left behind a long time ago.  To distract himself a bit he let his hands come down to rest on his stomach, let his fingers slide gently over the skin there, but no lower.  He didn’t have permission for that yet, after all.

“I’ve got you,” Silas promised almost as if he could tell what Jonah was feeling without even being able to see him. “You’re safe with me remember?  You can relax and trust me Jonah.  You can trust me to keep you safe, to tell you what to do.  You can trust me with all of that.  With all of you.”      

“I know.  I do.”  Jonah fought back the swell of emotions in his chest as the mixture of devotion and affection that he always felt towards Silas threatened to burst free.  Slowly, deliberately, he inhaled again.  Exhaled.  Inhaled, exhaled, repeated it until he felt himself even out, felt himself center.

“Good.”  Silas said it roughly, voice ragged in a way that let Jonah know just how much his admittance meant to Silas.  “I wish I could see you right now.  You’re gorgeous Jonah, you know that don’t you?  I bet you’re beautiful the way you are right now, laid back on that bed with your eyes closed, cock hard and body open.  I bet you’re perfect.  I’ve always thought you would be.  Ever since the first time I saw you.”

Jonah’s eyes flew open in stunned surprise before he slammed them shut again.  Silas’s voice was ragged but honest, deep and thick with that hot, honey drawl that Jonah loved so much.
“You’ve seen me?”  The thought that Silas had seen him, knew what he looked like, and so obviously approved, made Jonah feel slightly giddy with a mixture of pride and relief.

“Oh yes.”  Silas sounded amused for a moment then.  “I’ve seen you many times Jonah.  I am your handler after all.  I’ve read your file, seen videos.  Sometimes I watch you on the security cameras on missions.  You’re a thing of beauty, Jonah.  All lethal grace and power that draws the eye.  Even when you’re off mission, even when you’re wandering around whatever city or town you decide to spend your time in, you’re still fascinating.  Captivating.”

“And do I?”  Jonah couldn’t help but ask.  He needed to know, burned to know for certain whether or not the fascination he felt was mutual.  “Do I captivate you?”

“Completely,” Silas admitted quietly and with that sort of brutal honesty in his voice that Jonah adored.

From: Grayscale, Spectrum Book 1


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