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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This excerpt will get you through hump Wednesday!

From Dom Up by Alaska Angelini...

Even as I walked to my closet, I couldn’t take my eyes off her; the curve of her ass and arch of her back as she knelt and waited. I may have had one night stands before her, but I hadn’t taken a true sub since Rhayne. I wanted Victoria and I couldn’t even decipher why. It was emotion based. She just did it for me. She brought out the Dom I harbored deep within. The true self I kept under lock and key. It wasn’t like I couldn’t go through the role of what I enjoyed, but other women didn’t make me feel like she did. Powerful. Wanted…needed.
My fingers encircled over the handle of the crop and I walked back to her, studying everything that was before me. Her back stayed straight. She didn’t shift or move from being uncomfortable and her head never rose as I stood there.
“Hold up both of your hands, palm up.”
No questions. Obedience.
I laid the crop across the surface and started to undo my tie. Time stretched out as I took off the cuffs and eventually removed my shirt. Then, my shoes. When I got to my belt, not a single reaction. The edge of my lips pulled back as I jerked the leather free.
“You’re amazing, kitten. You sure you’ve never done this before?”
“I’m positive, Sir.”
I took the crop from her hands, placing it on the bed. “Stand and turn away from me.”
With the graceful way she rose, it didn’t look like she’d spent the last ten to fifteen minutes in one position without so much as easing the pressure from her knees. She turned, still keeping her head lowered. The rise and fall of her chest as I moved to the side had my own breath quickening.
“Hold your arms out behind you.”
I didn’t wait. I slid the belt around her biceps, restraining them together. It was tight enough to give off the secured feeling, but not enough to add discomfort. The first night would be an introduction. Over time, I could break her in to the more sadistic part of me.
“You’re doing great.” My fingers slid into the back of her hair, right at the nape of her neck and I used it to guide her to face me. My other hand rose and I used my index finger to bring her gaze up to mine. “Head up through this next phase. Stare straight ahead, but never directly at me. Understood?”
“Yes, Sir.”
Even as I had spoken, my touch was already traveling down the side of her neck. I didn’t stop as I swept down between her cleavage and over her stomach. In heels, her eyes were level with my upper chest. She kept that position and didn’t move while I breached the lining of her lace panties. The smoothness that met my fingertips had my cock jerking. It only got worse at the wetness I was greeted with. Fuck, I wanted her as badly as she obviously wanted me. 
The slight trembling that shook her body increased while I massaged over the top of her slit. She moaned and her shoulders shifted as if she wanted to reach out to me.
“It’s about to get really intense. Prepare yourself, kitten.”
My grip went back to her hair and I pulled back hard while sliding my finger into her entrance. The cry that met me was one of pure bliss, but I didn’t get to enjoy it like I had expected. The tightness that hugged against me had my eyes widening. God, I could tell she wasn’t a virgin, but how long had it been?
“Victoria, when was the last time you had sex?” Maybe I worded it wrong or my tone was too filled with shock, but I felt her stiffen and I didn’t like how fast she was pulled from the moment.
 “I…” She swallowed and tried to take a step back, but didn’t go anywhere with my hold still tilting her head. Her eyes were full of fear as she stared up at me. I’d never worried about breaking a sub. It usually didn’t take me long to discover how far they could go. But with her, I didn’t have a clue about her boundaries. Couldn’t gage how much she could take, physically or mentally.
“Shh. It doesn’t matter. I’m just looking out for you. You have the safeword if you need it. I’m trusting you to use it, like you’re trusting me to stop. Remember that.”
The tears that welled in her eyes slowly faded as I went back to rubbing against her folds. I felt her loosening under my tight grip, allowing herself to belong to me completely as I continued to pleasure her.
I opened my fist, only to close it even harder around her thick hair. The small whimpers drove me over the cliff of my control. My lips traveled over her exposed neck and I left her pussy, but stayed in her panties, as I reached around and clutched her ass, pulling her even more into me.  My teeth grazed against her soft skin, picking up the scent from her soap. It muddled my senses, something that didn’t happen with any of the women I’d been with. I reached her shoulder and sunk my teeth in with just enough pressure to cause her to gasp.

“Tonight, I’m going to treat you like you’re mine. For keeps.”

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