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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Michele Zurlo's Treasure Me!!


Relocating to Kansas City with David and working for SAFE Security was everything Autumn thought she wanted…except that the job isn’t what she thought it would be, and her past seems to have a stranglehold on her emotions.

When Autumn takes a case without informing the rest of SAFE Security, she finds herself in hot water when secret victory blows up in her face. Her impulsive mistake almost costs their lives—and she soon finds herself jobless. Reeling from this failure and the way it’s damaged her relationships with David and the team, she vows to start fresh—with a new name and in a new city. Unfortunately a local crime boss has other ideas.

In the midst of a mission, David must rush back to try to stop Autumn from leaving—only to find that Autumn and her sister have disappeared. Can he find them in time to save them and his relationship with the woman he treasures?

In Treasure Me, Michele Zurlo delivers a sexy, action-packed adventure tale full of emotional twists and turns.

Warnings: Spanking, D/s, Dom who puts his foot in his mouth, bratty sub, fingerpainting

Print ISBN: 978-1-942414-22-3
Word Count: 84,600

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I looked skyward in time to see four men dropped from the helicopter, using tension lines to land on the roof. From the way they were dressed and armed, I knew that Dean, Frankie, and Jesse had their hands full. The sharp crack of rapid gunfire came from the roof. They wouldn’t be shooting unless someone was up there, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to let them fire their weapons at anyone on my watch. I scrambled up the fire escape, but the thing only went to the third floor. This wasn’t going to stop me. I used window ledges and architectural features to pull myself to the roof. The moment I toppled over the low wall that lined the roof, I realized that Autumn was up there. She was crouched over the fallen body of a small woman, and she held out a hand to stop the mercenaries from advancing.
“You’re making a huge mistake. We don’t have the map.”
Her plea didn’t work. These men had their orders, and they weren’t going to listen to anything she or the blonde had to say. Autumn liked to refer to me as a mercenary, but she didn’t know the real difference between what I did and what a mercenary did. Like the four of us at SAFE Security, mercs were for hire, but, unlike us, they carried out their assigned job without prejudice. At SAFE Security, we kept the mission in mind, but we listened to reason, and we never hurt an innocent.
Two shots rang out, and Autumn fell backward. Stone cold calm flooded my veins, and as they advanced on my fallen sub, and I aimed. Figuring that they were wearing Kevlar, I targeted the vulnerable spots—head, neck, femoral artery. Four shots, and four bodies hit the roof. Then I turned my firepower on the helicopter, and the lone occupant, the pilot, fled.
Hand on heart, Autumn ran toward me. “Sir! Ohmygod, Sir! You’re okay.” She threw her arms around me, squeezing me hard. A shock of relief ran through me. I felt the stiffness of her vest as I caught her, and then I saw the Glock tucked in the back waistband of her pants. She hadn’t thought to use it against her attackers.
“Who gave you this?” I relieved her of the weapon, and I tried for a little levity because she looked like she was seconds from falling apart. “You’re going to shoot your ass off, Sugar.”
“I hope not, Sir. That’s your favorite part.” She took the gun back. Her hands and voice shook.

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