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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Hump Wednesday Feature!

“Love on the Line” is set in Boise, one of my very favorite cities. (I attended Boise State University!)  It’s about AJ moving on from a bad relationship.  Unknowingly, her friend registers her at a site called FlirtChat, where individuals become interested in one another based on commonalities – no pictures allowed.  When said friend calls a guy from the site and hands AJ the phone, she can’t deny the sexy appeal of Mathias’s voice.  One night of fun and eye-opening talk leads to another, and another, and soon a relationship develops, and they desperately want to meet in person.  But will they meet each other’s expectations?  Find out in this snarky, spicy contemporary romance.


Mathias’s voice echoed in her mind. What was it about him that resonated with her? His seemingly laid-back nature? The ease with which they exchanged stories and laughed with one another? She could just imagine his rich voice with its low tone whispering in her ear, sending shivers across her skin like a caress. Was he really as he jokingly described, at six three, washboard abs, and looking like Chris Hemsworth?
AJ shivered as goose bumps dotted her skin in spite of the warm water. She imagined his muscular form pressing into her backside, warmth surrounding her as his arms circled her torso. Large hands easily palmed her breasts, his fingers teasing her nipples while his growing erection pressed into her lower back.
A whimper involuntarily escaped her mouth as her breasts were suddenly tender, her sex clenching at the mere thought of the man she envisioned performing deliciously dirty deeds. AJ caressed one breast then the other as her hand roamed her own body. She moved down her toned abdomen to the neatly trimmed curls between her thighs, pressing into her folds to finger her clit. Moisture easily coated her digits and tentative flicks soon gave way to furious rubbing as her movements became faster and harder. She moaned at the euphoric feeling starting to sweep through her—something she had rarely ever felt with Brad.
AJ quickly shut down those thoughts and instead concentrated on bringing herself to orgasm. It’d been too long since her body felt this way. She trembled as her fingers swirled across her flesh, her pussy becoming engorged. What she wouldn’t give for a hot, thick cock filling her, pounding into her. She couldn’t even mimic that action due to the fact she didn’t own a vibrator.
“What woman in this day and age doesn’t own a vibrator?” Jen had asked.
AJ began to rethink that decision immediately.
As her legs weakened, she braced a hand against the shower wall while she continued to stroke herself. So close. She could feel her insides tightening, and her hips began to thrust back and forth as she raced to the finish line.
She couldn’t help the cry that shattered the silence as her climax barreled through her. Her rubbing didn’t stop as she pressed even harder against her clit, enjoying every pulse exploding from that tiny, sensitive bundle of nerves.
As the waves of pleasure began to recede, AJ leaned against the shower wall, panting. She couldn’t believe the fierceness of her orgasm, brought on by her own hand and the explicit thoughts involving a faceless stranger.

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Laura M. Baird
As an emerging author, the past year has been extremely exciting with six releases, and my newest, “Love on the Line”, was out with the way from Evernight Publishing on April 30th!  My writing journey began many years ago, but only within the last four (or so) did I tell myself, this is what I’m going to do!
I grew up on the East Coast, and after joining the U. S. Army, met and married my studly husband (of nearly 28 years), and migrated to the West Coast.  While raising two sons, I put myself through dental hygiene school, which I’ve been doing for the past eighteen years.  Soon I hope to transition out of that profession and concentrate solely on writing.
After attending my very first writer’s conference in Bellevue, WA, in October of 2016, my motivation was at an all-time high.  By August of 2017, my first book was published!  Since then it’s been rolling, with four releases from Evernight Publishing.  My fifth with EP (still awaiting edits) will be the start of what I hope to be a three-book series.  I currently have the start of two other series I plan to submit—a small-town romance, and The Cover Model Series set in Seattle.  The first book in this series, In a Flash, was inspired by seeing the amazing cover model photographer, Wander Aguiar, at the writer’s conference.  I wrote the story for NaNoWriMo in 2016, finishing 52K in 26 days!  Since then it’s gone through a number of revisions, and with one more polish, I’ll be submitting soon to EP. 
One project I’m very honored to a part of is the Happy Holidays – anthology of short stories. It’s a compilation of stories from international authors, and all proceeds go to The World Literacy Foundation.  It’s available on Amazon in both print and digital.
When not writing, of course I’m reading—waaay too many authors to list—from contemporary to erotic to suspenseful romance.  I love finding ways to gain exposure and engage with other authors and readers, and while I don’t have a blog, I love to support authors by sharing as much as I can on my social media sites.
I’ve had the opportunity to “meet” so many wonderful people associated with not only EP, but across the writing spectrum and on the many social media platforms.  I look forward to one day meeting many in person.  In July, I’ll have the opportunity to attend an author event in Seattle, WA.  

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