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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Snippets from Victoria


It’s time for another installment from Chapter One, Heavenly Revenge

His last cruel words echoed in her head. Josh didn’t understand. She wore those sloppy clothes like armor, to prove to the whole world she didn’t care what they thought of her. Rose gave a short, bitter laugh. The only one she hadn’t fooled was herself. All she’d ever wanted was to be accepted and loved.
She’d been right all along. You couldn’t trust people. Even her parents had abandoned her. No grandparents, no brothers or sisters, no aunts or uncles. They’d left her alone to face so many sets of foster parents, so many new schools, at least one a year. There’d been one horror year when she’d changed schools four times. She’d had to act tough. The bullies ignored her if they thought they couldn’t get to her.
There was only one person she could trust—herself. She’d known that, for goodness sake. And that’s where she’d made her mistake with Josh. She’d let him in, let herself love him. She’d let him make her weak.
A pain, worse than all the others, had hit her, and she’d slipped into darkness.
Rose glanced at Wilma and Lily and frowned. “Why did I die? I mean, what did I die of? I’m only twenty-three.”
“You had rheumatic fever when you were young, and unfortunately, the set of foster parents looking after you at the time didn’t bother taking you to a doctor,” said Wilma. “Then there was that very bad bout of flu recently that weakened your heart even more. I’m afraid the shock of seeing Josh…”

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