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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What gets you over the hump to finish the week?


I’ve been polling people over the past while—friends, family and total strangers who looked at me funny but obligingly answered. Here’s a sample:


A long, hot soak in a tub full of silky fragrance and a good book. (I didn’t ask what kind of book, although to each her own. And I know for a fact she doesn’t limit this kind of self care to Wednesdays, clever woman.)


A glass of red wine, or two, maybe three, and some chocolate. (My kind of woman. I know we’re related.)


Scheduled sex. (That too was a family member and I decided I didn’t want to know any more, although now every time I look at her and her partner…but maybe it’s not such a bad idea when we get so busy and spontaneity is sadly lacking. I think I’ll ask if they plan the before too. Maybe do an experiment at home and let you know.)


An extra hour of sleep. (Makes sense to me, although getting that young man out of bed in the mornings requires some interesting approaches.)


Nothing. One day is the same as the next, although Friday can’t come soon enough. (I suggested a little something different on hump Wednesdays might break up the week and he smiled a little. Not at me, unfortunately. Although he was a stranger in the ice cream section of the grocery store.)


A night out with friends. (Not sure if it’s a scheduled event or his quick answer, but he gave me one of those looks and I figured I had the best answer he’d give.)


Nothing. Just a sigh of relief the weekend isn’t as far away. (I wanted to introduce her to the other nothing guy.)


Is there some kind of rule that says we should be doing something on hump Wednesday? (I clearly asked a paranoid type and reassured him the gov’t had nothing in mind. I hope.)


And finally, The local pub has appetizers on half price so we go there and hoist a few and don’t worry about making dinner. (I’m joining them next week if they’ll have me. Hadn’t thought about getting out of making dinner. They’ll probably say- that’s the strange woman who used hump and Wednesday in the same sentence.)
Hope one of these ideas appeals.

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