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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Nice Visual for Hump Wedneday

DESTINED – Marking Time 1

Craig and Ashton Russell practice ménage. They are honorable men who’d never compromise a woman, especially their foster sister, no matter she is finally home from college. Despite how much they have missed her.

Sinclair Renton grew up behind the brothers, most certainly never regarding them as siblings. And of late she has set out to convince them she’s the one woman they need, being well aware of their sexual predilection.

Fearing how others would judge her, Ashton and Craig refuse to acknowledge any physical attraction for Sinclair. They reject her, and she believes they’ve chosen another woman in her stead.

Devastated, her plan in shambles, Sinclair leaves, unable to imagine the men she loves with another. Shocked into revealing their true feelings, the brothers pick up her trail and capture Sinclair, bringing her home into their love and their hearts, where she belongs.

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