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Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday's Scintillating Interview with Doris O'Connor!

Welcome to Craving Erotic Romance Blogspot.

Today we’re presenting Author: Doris O’Connor!
1)      Have you always wanted to be an author?
Pretty much. J I’ve always had characters tell stories in my head. I thought everyone did, lol. Imagine my surprise when it turned out that wasn’t the case. Life interfered for the longest time, but once I decided to finally write those stories down, back in September 2010… well the rest is history as they say.
2)      What genre(s) do you write?
I have a very unpredictable muse, who likes to change things up a lot. Subsequently I write across several genres and sub genres. Contemporary, paranormal, sci-fi, BDSM, Ménage, (m/f/m and m/m/f), M/F, F/F, Interracial, Intercultural, Rubenesque, and May – December.
3)      Have you ever self published?
I did self publish one title with my critique group. It was a collection of erotic short stories, which kinda died a quiet death, so we have since taken it off the market. I might yet expand on my story in that collection. It was a little time travel piece.
4)      Who or what inspired you to write your first book?
It was a writing competition run by Mills&Boon. I didn’t get anywhere in that competition, but I learned a lot, mainly that I’m no mainstream romance writer, lol. That story had many rewrites, and is now known as The Housewife and the Film Star. Sven still is my all time favourite hero. Well, you never forget your first, do you? ;-)
5)      How many hours in a day might you write?
During the week my writing time is limited to the two hours of uninterrupted time I get when my youngest is at nursery. I turn off the internet, disappear into my writing cave, aka my bedroom and write. I can typically get anything between 2 and 3 K done during that time. At the weekend, I tend to lock myself away for up to 5 hours a day, depending on what else goes on, and I’ll average 5 K a writing session then.
6)      Are you a plotter or a pantser?
Oh a panster through and through. My characters are firmly in charge and never do what I want them to do. It makes writing both exasperating and exciting, as I never know what will happen. Even when I think I do, they throw me a curve ball, and off we go on a tangent, However, I have long since learned never to argue with them. It’s their story and they are always right. They haven’t steered me wrong yet.
7)      Do you ever find yourself slipping away and becoming so immersed in your  story it affects how you relate to others?
All too often, especially at the weekend and toward the end of a story. Fortunately my family and friends are all used to my increasing number of blonde moments when I’m knee deep in a story, and they find it amusing, mostly.
8)      Are you in any of your books?
Lol, what a question. Sylvia in The Housewife and the Filmstar has a lot of me in it. Since then, nope. My heroines are their own people. Mind you, they are all bratty, and stubborn, and no pushovers. Hubby would say that’s def like me ;-)
9)      What do your friends and family have to say about you writing?
Friends are supportive, as are my immediate family, i.e. hubby and the kids. The rest of them, less so. To be honest I never discuss my books with hubby’s family (I’m an only child and now an orphan, though I like to think my gran, were she still alive, would have got a kick out of me writing erotica!) I could just see hubby’s family go into apoplexy if I were to try and bring up the subject. *snort*
10)  Please share an excerpt from your book that totally spoke to you when you put the words down on paper
She shook her head when he slanted his, and one of her little hands crept up to cup his scarred side.
“Don’t hide them. They don’t scare me. They never have,” she said and offered him a tentative smile that made his chest feel tight with longing.
“They should do. I’m the beast. Haven’t you heard?” His humorless laugh echoed around them, and she shook her head.
“I think you hide behind your scars so no one can come too close.”
Hunter forgot to breathe at that quiet statement, delivered with absolute conviction, and he took her by the shoulders and pushed her away. It was that or ravish her right there, and show her what a perverted beast he truly was.
“I’m not a fairytale, Emilia. You can’t make me into the hero here. If I was, I’d have simply delivered your brother home, not cleaned him out myself.”
Emilia worried her bottom lip with her teeth, and went a little cross-eyed as she concentrated hard. It was the most adorable sight, and meant he grew even harder.
“So, why are you here, then, giving him an out?  I’m not such a catch that you’re doing this just to have your wicked way with me.”
His bear growled his disapproval at his mate’s low opinion of herself, and for once Hunter was in perfect agreement with him. The fact that she didn’t shy away from him, just went a delightful shade of pink, made him want to simply grab her and have his way with her right now. He couldn’t do that, however. Not until she knew everything there was to know about him and he had somewhere where she couldn’t run away, when he revealed his true self.
Then, and only then, would he show her not only his bear, but also the other, darker side of him, that made him want to tie her up, and mark her body with his hands, teeth, and claws.
(from: Bought for Christmas)


~Editors Pick~

I’m the beast, haven’t you heard….

Christmas is supposed to be a time for miracles and one will surely be needed when Emilia Duncan finds herself sold to the beast to save her father’s company. Having lusted after the much older, enigmatic man for as long as she can remember, spending the Christmas weekend as his submissive will satisfy her raging libido, but can she protect her heart?

Bear Shifter Hunter Monahan cannot stand idly by when Emilia is thrown to the wolves. There is only one shifter who will get his claws into her and that’s him. The contract ensures her submission for the weekend. Too bad his bear wants much more than that.

Hunter is used to hiding behind his gruesome scars, but in the bid for Emilia’s heart, that is not an option this time.  Isolated in his cabin, it’s not just the snow that melts. 


“I said you’re mine, kitten,” he finally said, and Emilia’s heart leapt for joy. “You always will be, but I want to see you happy. You don’t need to be settled with a cynical, scarred bear shifter like me, especially as your father will never talk to you again, if you do.” He put his hand up when she was going to interrupt him, and continued.
“No, let me finish. He is your father, and I know you well enough to know that you love him and that good for nothing brother of yours. Despite what you said to them when you left, you could no more turn your back on them than you could stop breathing, and that’s one of the many things about you that I…”
His bear growled, and Emilia forgot to breathe at the struggle she sensed in him. She scooted closer and put her hand on his tense thigh.
“You what, Sir? Please don’t clam up on me now,” she said.
A grim smile kicked up the corner of his mouth, and she leant in closer to kiss that spot. A growl erupted from his chest, and before Emilia could blink she was on the floor with him towering above her. Right now he didn’t look very much in control of his bear, and that thought sent adrenaline coursing through her body.
Holding himself off of her with his hands placed next to her head, and his arms locked, he ground his groin against hers and the solid heat of his erect cock meant that Emilia’s hormones took over. Moisture flooded her underwear, and her nipples tried to poke through the soft fabric covering them. As comfortable as her jumper was the fabric chafed against the sensitive peaks, and Emilia bit her lip to stop from whimpering her need.
Hunter groaned and bending his head claimed her mouth in an earth shattering kiss that left her breathless and so needy she was going to scream if he didn’t do something other than kiss her.
He pulled away, and the heat in his gaze sent her arousal into fever pitch. Emilia shifted her legs wider, and they both groaned as he settled himself right between her legs.
“Fuck it, Emilia. I can’t do this anymore. I want you too damn much.”
Hunter’s voice came out distorted, and more of his bear showed as his muscles expanded and he grew bigger above her.
“Then have me, all of me, please.” Emilia gasped her reply, all too aware of the barely leashed aggression that poured out of his very pores. It should send her running, yet it had the opposite effect on her. Beads of perspiration slid into her eyes, clouding her vision. Trapped as she was under his bulk, her clothes felt heavy and restrictive, and Hunter seemed to burn hotter still, as he grew perfectly above her. His nostrils flared and he inhaled roughly, as though he, too, had trouble drawing air into his lungs. Emilia blinked to clear her vision, and she couldn’t tear her gaze away from the sight of his fangs. His incisors grew longer, more menacing somehow in the orange glow from the fire, and she didn’t dare breathe when he dipped his head and ran those lethal teeth along her neck.
“This is your last chance to cry red, kitten. This time when I fuck you, I will claim you, body and soul. You will be mine, to carry my mark, so that everyone will know who you belong to. I want to cover you in my cum, bite you all over, and leave my marks on you forever. Do you understand me?”
Emilia nodded, utterly unable to get her voice to work, and Hunter threw his head back and roared. The vibrations of that growl shook the very ground they lay on, and she locked her ankles behind his ass to enable her to grind her hips against the solid bulge in his jeans. So close. God, she was so close already, if only….
Hunter bucked and dislodged her, until she lay winded, face down on the rug. Hunter yanked her jumper up and her leggings down, and the first hard, stinging swat of his hand on her ass took her breath away. Several more followed in quick succession, and then he lifted her on her knees, and pushed her upper body back down into the rug. Her jumper gave way with an audible rip, as he used his claws to get if off her.
“Do. Not. Move.” Every growled word was accentuated by another swat to her ass. Heat spread across her skin, and she jumped when he replaced his hands with his teeth, while pushing several fingers into her wet pussy.
Emilia whimpered and mewled like the kitten he called her, as he fucked her with his fingers, while marking her body with his teeth just like he’d promised, until her skin was just a mass of hot sensation. Up and down her spine into the hollow of her back, over her ass and the insides of her thighs, until she didn’t know which part of her he hadn’t reached.
Pinned in place by his clawed hand on her shoulder, and his fingers buried deep inside her, keeping her teetering on the edge of her release, she had nowhere to go.
Emilia whined when he withdrew his fingers, and Hunter pushed his digits, slicked by her arousal, into her mouth, and smacked her ass again. Emilia bit down, and the taste of her arousal mixed with his blood, and Hunter grunted his approval.
“Fuck, yes. Do that again.”
His claws sliced through her shoulder, while he dug his fingers deeper into her mouth and jaw. The pain just added to her arousal until her whole body felt on fire. Teetering on the edge, she screamed, as he ran his thick cock through her wet slit and then drove in deep.
“I’m going to fuck you so hard, baby. You’re mine.”

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11)  Which actor/character(s) would play the starring role? (you can insert pics or just names or both here)
Hmm, I’m not sure about actors, but these were my visual inspirations.

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Thanks again for letting me visit today J

It was wonderful having you, Doris!

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