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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Christmas Accident is now Available

Just Released!

A Christmas Accident is the third book in the Wilder Sisters series about five sisters who left their small hometown of Amherst, Ohio yet have all been brought back to the town after the diagnosis of their father's Alzheimer's.

A Christmas Accident tells the tale of Sherri Wilder Davison who is pregnant and wants to spend time at home with her father but Route 2 which is notorious for its horrible driving conditions causes her plans to change. 

Will a Christmas miracle happen or will this Christmas accident cause her world to crumble?

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I love writing about the five sisters. Having grown up myself in Amherst, Ohio. The town holds so many wonderful memories about summers swimming in the quarry holes and playing among the sandstone blocks. I loved the feeling of safety as I rode my bike around town visiting with friends or causing mischief. The holidays were even more special with the dusting of snow and lights decorating local homes and businesses. A three-story Santa Claus figure stood outside the favorite food hangout (and is still there today).

When you read one of the Wilder Sisters stories, you get to return to my hometown with me and enjoy that little slice of heaven. I invite you to visit Amherst, Ohio along with the Wilder Sisters who each find out that home is really the one place you can come back to!


  1. Hey Melissa, I am very excited to hear about your new release!

  2. Thanks Chloe! :) This is the second book that SCP has in the series. Book three is out in January!