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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Open Mike Saturday- Book Trailers Are They Worth It?

Book Trailers- Are They Worth It?

Sitting in the movie theater, small snippets of upcoming movies scroll across the screen tempting you to come back and see another movie. These movie trailers hit You Tube and are shared among fans who can’t wait to see their upcoming favorite series or hot hunk in his new starring role. We know that movie trailers are great promotions and draw many people into seeing 

Book Trailers:
More and more authors are using the idea of movie trailers for their books. These book trailers are becoming more widespread as authors are trying to find new ways to promote their books and bring in more sales. But do they work?

Most authors that I’ve spoken with as well as research has shown that book trailers DO NOT increase book sales although a book trailer does add some additional pizzazz to your website and make a wonderful addition to your book’s promotions. They are not what drives people to buy your book.

The discussion most people have is about the quality of the book trailers and how they are used. Just like a poorly made cover, a poorly made book trailer can actually turn off a potential reader. They feel that if the trailer is shoddy, then the book or the writing must be. On the site Book Blogs (here), they had an ongoing discussion on the value of book trailers which I found very interesting. Specific points were addressed about the use of book trailers for promotion. Another site ezine articles (here) gives you some ideas about promotions for your book trailer which is very helpful.

My Own Experiences:
I myself use book trailers on my website as a value added feature to my book. When I design a page on the website about my book, I include the blurb, cover and excerpt in addition to a book trailer. I feel that it gives another glimpse at my story through my eyes. With book trailers, you decide on the way your characters appear and the main points you want to highlight about the book. The trailers haven’t increased my sales but provide readers with a bonus feature like a music playlist. I’m not skillful with the movie programs yet so I’ve contracted with two people to create the book trailers for me. They each have a unique style to their trailers that fit my stories. The cost of book trailers ranges from about $20-$100 or even higher depending on the quality of the product. 

The Future of Book Trailers:
The future of book trailers is wide open. While many people aren’t seeing them as useful for sales, they may become a big part of promotion. Authors can use them at book signings to entice readers to “see” their books. Book trailers may even be included with the purchase of an e-book as added value like the extra features on your favorite DVD’s. Who knows…we may even see book trailers on our local movie screens showcasing the latest book by some of our favorite authors. Only time will tell.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on book trailers. I’ve posted a couple of mine for you to see. Have they worked for you? What do you like about a book trailer? What ways will you use them? What do you see for the future?


  1. Great post Melissa.
    And I love your trailers. Did you do them? I confess this is beyond my scope and I am jealous of those that know how, if I did I would love to do one....they look great!

  2. I actually have a good friend do them for around $20. Currently they are beyond my scope or time. It is interesting to know that trailers are not the sales added event as we all hoped.