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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

There's a Lid for Every Pot!

To those that are unfamiliar with the saying, it means there is someone for everyone.

Sometimes as women, we look at Supermodels or celebrities and, they really have the life, and more than enough male attention to boot. And yet, every woman should be getting their fair share, because every man has different taste and preferences.

Are you full figured/BBW? Hop on a plane and go to Jamaica. Big, black, beautiful men are waiting for you!
A friend of mine was stopped on the street and begged to have a pic snapped of her 'beautiful' plus size body, and his feminine ideal. In fact, just google BBW and see all the ads.

Get on craigslist and see the wealth and disversity of ads.

I did and here's just a small sampling: "Love Small Breasts" "Love Big Hips" "Hairy woman wanted" "Tall ladies only"--it goes on and on.

So there is someone out there for every person, and some of the things we might be hung up on, is someone's total turn on. Don't change yourself.

Just find the lid to your pot....


  1. Love this post! I have been thinking about this a lot lately and find that in my writing, my characters have different physical types and attractions. that's more fun to write, and I hope that it is more fun to read.

  2. I do agree that it is more fun to read characters who are different and who still find love. We do need to support each other's differences rather than put each other down.

  3. thanks guys
    It's powerful to realize that as women, all the insecurities about various things we are not fond of, is someone's version of a goddess!

  4. Loved the post, Chloe. I guess, when I'm writing, I write about my feminine ideal, what I'd like to be, which is small, slim, and pretty. But, in reality,as you said, there's someone out there for all of us. My husband seems to like me the way I am!