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Friday, July 5, 2013

Today's Hunk is...Yannick Bisson

Let's all thank Allyson Young for bringing this guy to my attention;
There he is, our hero Detective William Murdoch.
Could I get you a beaker or a refractive lens my good sir?
So I like a smart guy with a good lab set-up. Even better if he's playing historical. It gives my brain science, period sets, and an attractive man to wrestle with. My brain can multi-task like that.
Seriously, Yannick Bisson plays the title character on Murdoch Mysteries, a Canadian series about our fine Detective utilizing cutting edge forensic techniques in 1890's Toronto. The show is fun, hits on some fairly modern day issues, and uses big words. Again, my brain appreciates that.
  Would you like me to explain the basics of DNA sequencing to you, William?
And let's not forget the fact that he's quite the looker. A-hem.
For those not into trilby hats and spats, here's a look at him in more modern garb;
Nice. He's also the spitting image of one of my heroes. I wrote this hero before I ever saw the show and I was freaked out for the first few episodes by the resemblance to the man in my mind and this man on my screen. They even have the same eyelashes...sigh.
I like real-life Yannick Bisson because he seems to be happy with his wife and family, which is truly hunk-worthy behavior in my book.
The usual disclaimer applies, I don't own copyright on these images and will of course remove if you disapprove. But he's cute so please don't!

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  1. I'm looking forward to the next season. He just gets better with age.