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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Top 10 Sex Positions for Mind Blowing Orgasms

I thought I'd get your attention!  Here's the link.  My favorite is #5.  Just saying.  Wouldn't hurt--too much--to try them all.  Enjoy.


  1. Number four! I think it's in most of my stories too!

  2. I think you skipped the best place for sex. When the lady is nearly prepared, with both associates relaxing on their part experiencing each other. the man goes between her feet and she draws them all the way up to her shoulder area while still relaxing on her part. With the man then between her feet and his breasts relaxing gently on he reduced brought up leg, the man can place his male organ in her vaginal area and still achieve his advantage under and caress her clitoris while pushing gradually every now and then but not too regularly. The concept is to caress her clitoris until she comes. This way you are sure she has an climax first. Then you can keep her limited in both hands and hug her mouth (you are experience to deal with even with a high guy and a brief woman) while pushing as quickly as you like until you achieve an climax. Possibilities are she will have another too.

    Sex Positions

  3. How To Give Her Orgasms In The Clam Sex Position
    As you are having sex with your woman, she wants to feel like she is with a REAL MAN.
    A man who is manly and masculine.
    A man who acts in a DOMINANT way in the bedroom.
    In the Clam Position you are already in a dominant position because you are on top of her. But you can act even more dominantly (which will increase her sexual excitement and help to 'get her off') by doing the following things:
    - Pay attention to her breasts -- you can kiss, bite and suck them as you penetrate her
    - Grab her hair
    - Hold her arms down above her head -- this is very dominant and will really make her feel like you are in control of her (which is exactly what she wants)